Treatment and Charges


McTimoney treatment can help relieve an animal’s pain and help restore movement after they have injured themselves. Any musculoskeletal problems or injury will affect the entire body, often leading to skeletal misalignments, muscle spasm, pain and discomfort which will subsequently affect the performance. It is not only performance animals that will benefit from a treatment, problems which are breed specific, or discipline specific can be helped to correct any secondary compensatory problems in your pet.


When to Seek a Treatment


All animals give different indicators when they are in pain/discomfort, it is the owners challenge to recognise when their animals display these signs. This is a small guide to help, when your animal is displaying any of the following signs:




  • Unevenness
  • Uneven wear of shoes, hoof
  • Sore or cold backs, uneven pressure from saddles slipping
  • Unexplained deterioration in usual performance
  • Asymmetry, such as stiffness on a particular rein or disunited canter
  • Unexplained resistances, such as napping, rearing, bucking, refusing
  • Uneven muscle development or atrophy
  • Lameness that has not been resolved through Veterinary treatment





  • Crying out when standing up, or jumping up
  • Difficulty climbing the stairs or getting into the car
  • Signs of discomfort when being stroked
  • A reluctance to exercise
  • Stiffness or pain after exercise
  • Lameness that has not been resolved through Veterinary treatment




You will need to allow approx. 90 minutes for a horse initial consultation, and 60 minutes for a dog initial consultation which will involve:


  • A full and detailed medical history review
  • A static conformation assessment
  • An analysis of the animals gait/movement (Equine may need lunge/ridden)
  • Assessment and treatment of muscle spasms using massage
  • Assessment and treatment of skeletal misalignments using McTimoney techniques
  • Development of a tailored individual exercise programme for the next 7-14 days after the treatment.





Initial Consultation

Follow Up Treatment








  • Prices include travel expenses up to a distance of 20 miles from any of Steph’s bases, any travel over this distance may be subject to charge of 50p per mile, depending on the number of treatments.
  • Prices are for individual animals at one location. Discounts of up to £5-10 can be made, depending on the number of treatments to be made in one location.
  • £5 discount will be made of your next treatment if you suggest a new client
  • Payment is required on the day of treatment
  • Both Equine and Canine clients will be subject to a £20 call out charge if, after the assessment the animal cannot be treated, or Veterinary permission was not obtained.